Bodywork Scratches

Mobile car paint scratch repair in Wales

We’re a mobile unit covering South and West Wales specialising in bodywork repairs. By using specialist Small & Medium Area Repair Techniques we can precisely colour match and mix on site the exact paint needed to repair the damaged area in order to make it look beautiful again.

It is very much a hands on process that often has in excess of 40 careful and precise steps helping us transform hideous cosmetic damage and make it look like it was never there. That’s job satisfaction!

We are often asked how many layers of paint go into a paint scratch repair, and if it is permanent. Yes it is permanent, and the layering starts well before the actual colour carrying base coat. First, after re-profiling the damaged area, filling and contouring any remaining gouges, several layers of protective primer are applied, dried, and surface texture blended before colour coats go anywhere near the paintwork. We apply up to 8 layers of base colour coat, which can be flat colours, metallic, pearlescent and even xirallic. These are blended out from the repair into existing bodywork in order to eliminate ‘tide marks’ or ‘halos’ often seen on inferior or amateur repairs. Top quality lacquer coats come next to get that deep glossy finish.

Finally the area is machine ‘cut’ and ultimately machine polished to a brilliant shine!

Hit ‘quick quote’ and let us make your car beautiful again.