Bumper Scrapes

Mobile bumper paint repair in South and West Wales


Scraping your bumper no longer means losing your car for a day or two when our mobile body shop can come to your home or place of work and carry out a beautiful permanent repair in just a few hours.


  • Infinite colour matching
  • Paint mixed on site for testing and precision
  • Skillful blending for ‘invisible’ repair
  • Permanent finish
  • Crystal clear hard lacquer for a deep glossy shine


It is very much a hands on process that has in excess of 30 careful and precise steps to help us make that ugly bumper scrape disappear. From the initial re-profiling of the damaged area, through to the very final machine polish of the lacquer coats, each of those steps is aimed at producing a quality finish. After priming, we apply up to 20 layers of base colour coats, which can be flat colours, metallic, pearlescent and even xirallic. These are blended out from the repair into existing bodywork in order to eliminate ‘tide marks’ or ‘halos’ often seen on inferior or amateur repairs.

Call us now or upload pictures of your damaged bumper through our ‘quick quote’ tab and we will make your car look beautiful again.