Lease Cars/PCP’s

If you are leasing your car, have a company car, or are using a Personal Contract Plan like Ford Options, Renault Selections, Citroen Select, VW Solutions, or a car on the Motability Scheme, then we might be able to save you a small fortune when your contract ends. Take time to check your contract for what constitutes ‘fair wear and tear’ and you may well find that bumper scrapes, paint scratches, dents and scuffed alloys are well outside this. That means that when you come to hand the car back, or part exchange it, you could be heavily penalised for ANY damage.

Take a careful look at your car and imagine how much you may lose if your finance company were to penalise you £180 for a little thumbnail sized dint and scratch, £280 for a lightly scratched bumper and so on. These are the exact figures quoted to an associate locally here in Wales who was about to hand back his company car.

In contrast we can usually repair and repaint a badly scratched bumper for around £105 with no VAT, and would happily do any little touch-ups for free whilst we are there. Which sounds better to you?

Our mobile workshop will take care of bumper scrapes, paintwork scratchesalloy scuffs and dents 7 days a week at your home or place of work.

Taking action now will ensure you get ‘top dollar’ for your car if you are part exchanging it, and could save you a small fortune if ‘handing back’.